Innovative Culture

Innovative Culture

Implementing Lean Concepts

Continuous Improvement Program and “ROAD System”

The Continuous Improvement Program’s (CIP) mission:

  • Investing in our people to adopt a continuous improvement culture
  • Desire is to learn from the lessons of others on how to utilize collaboration and innovation as a strategic competitive advantage
  • Developing our people to continuously discover and reduce waste

One of the systems developed by the CIP is the “Results, Organized And Delivered” System, referred to as the ROAD System. This system focuses on implementing principles and practices of lean construction on our projects. Scheduled development sessions will invite project key personnel as well as important project team members who will implement the work. Superintendents, foremen, and project inspectors will also help strategize and create the schedule. Inclusion of the entire team into one room allows for the opportunity to identify and address potential conflicts early in the process, avoiding unnecessary delays and developing efficiency opportunities.

The ROAD System “Results, Organized And Delivered” maintains its schedule as a living document that will be continuously monitored by each project team. Each week the project team, including owners and subcontractors, meet to discuss and help maintain the following week’s schedule. As a direct benefit of this, all team members will see what each other are doing, which will help identify and solve potential conflicts.

Maintenance of the project schedule is also accomplished through the ROAD System by using Look Ahead Planning. After reviewing the work plan weekly, the schedule is evaluated and updated making changes proactively. Successful implementation on previous projects has allowed our team to accurately predict weeks ahead what work will be occurring on a specific day. This collaborative approach utilizes over-the-shoulder planning and will continuously evaluate the project. Challenging constraints and resources enables the team to complete the project on schedule.