Piqua Materials-Calcium Carbonate Fillers

Piqua Materials-Calcium Carbonate Fillers

Piqua Pulverized is a prime source for calcium carbonate fillers and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high calcium and low magnesium industrial mineral fillers. Piqua Materials is located in the heartland of the plastics and elastomeric industries, providing freight savings and shorter transit times.

Most Piqua Pulverized Fillers (PMFs) are available in dated, coded bags that are palletized and stretch wrapped. Some products are offered in super sack and bulk for pneumatic transport. Day-to-day quality control on filler production is maintained at the plant which borders on the quarry site. All Piqua Materials Fillers are produced from a high calcium limestone that is quarried from the Brassfield geological formation which is one of the whitest and most consistent formations in Ohio.

The current grades of pulverized lime range from an average particle size of 53 micron down to an average particle size of 3 micron. Piqua serves markets that deal in adhesives, vinyl flooring, carpet backing, animal feed, roofing fillers, adhesives, caulk, sealants, athletic field marking, joint compound, rubber, plastics, paint and coatings, fluxing agents, mold coatings, drilling fluids, asphalt extenders, agricultural soil amendment and epoxies.

Established in the early 1800s, Piqua Pulverized is the oldest continuous operating quarry in Miami County, Ohio and it serves a wide variety of industrial customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Calcium Carbonate – 88% Magnesium – < 3% Aluminum Oxide – < 0.5% Iron Oxide – < 0.5% Sulfur – < 0.1% Loss on Ignition – 43.5% PH of Saturated Solids – 9.4 Color is White Dry Brightness (Hunter Scale) – 80 to 82 Specific Gravity – 2.71 Total insoluble – < 2%


PIQ-WHITE PREMIUM FILLER 70 – 7 micron median, 97% thru #325
General purpose fillers are primarily intended for elastomeric compounding. Likely applications in elastomers include footwear, housewares, lawn and garden equipment, recreational equipment, aircraft and automotive parts. Also, the material may be used in some Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) and Bulk Molding Compound (BMCs) compounds instead of more finely ground fillers. (Available in bagged, super sack or bulk)


PIQ-WHITE FILLER 300 – 18 micron median, 97% thru #18 -Piqua Materials Filler 100 – 23 micron median, 99% thru #60
Coarse general purpose fillers for caulks, sealants, ceramics, asphalt compounds, epoxy casting compounds, floor tile, and certain elastomers. These fillers have highly consistent properties so compounding can be standardized. (PMF 300-bagged or bulk, PMF 200-bagged only and PMF 100-bulk only)

We can accommodate all size orders.