Porous Asphalt & Warm Mix

Porous Asphalt & Warm Mix

Porous Asphalt & Warm Mix

Porous Asphalt Pavement:

Porous asphalt pavement gives you better efficiency with storm water management by eliminating the need for traditional pipe systems. Run-off passes through the pores of the asphalt pavement into a retention basin below the pavement, which allows a natural percolation/cleansing process of the storm water. A porous pavement allows water to drain all the way through the pavement structure.

With proper design and installation, porous asphalt parking areas are cost-effective and attractive. At the same time, the pavement provides storm water management systems that promotes filtration, improves water quality and eliminates the need for a detention basin. This product may also help you get LEED® credits toward stormwater management.

Warm Mix:

Our warm mix technology provides an environmentally friendly asphalt pavement. Using our warm mix asphalt has benefits including: lower energy consumption, lower fumes, lower odors, decreased emissions and easier placement. We also achieve better compaction on the road, extend our paving season and increase hauling distances. This product may also help you get LEED® credits.

If you are interested in learning more about Warm Mix Asphalt, please visit NAPA’s(National Asphalt Pavement Association) website dedicated to Warm Mix Asphalt.

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