Fast Park & Relax at CVG Airport

A significant renovation project, Fast Park & Relax facility has been remodeled into a flagship property for the Cincinnati-based company that owns 16 offsite airport parking facilities across the country.

  • Date: January 2016
  • Owner: FastPark
  • Developer: Sala Architects
  • Lead Contractor: Eaton Asphalt, John R. Jurgensen
  • Lead Designer: CT Consultants
  • Project Type: Parking Lots

About this Project

With significant upgrades and a double-parking capacity, the Fast Park & Relax facility is now the company’s sole facility servicing the CVG airport. The 31-acre lot features:

• New entrance/exit plaza with additional exit lanes.

• Robust landscaping plans to enhance the overall aesthetics of the facility.

• Brand new office building that will include a geothermal heating and cooling system and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Parking Spaces

square yards of paving area

Cubic yards of Dirt Excavation

As the general contractor, Eaton Asphalt and John R. Jurgensen built more than a 2,400 space parking lot and a 1,500 square foot building for Fast Park & Relax located outside of the CVG Airport. We worked with the private owners to complete a package containing 160,000 cubic yards of dirt excavation, cement/lime stabilization, storm sewer, and light poles. Working around the clock, we finished the package along with 110,000 square yards of paving area, concrete curbs, landscaping, retaining walls, and many other items. 


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