Lunken Airport

The rehabilitation project of Runway 3R-21L at the Cincinnati Municipal Airport in Lunken Field boasts tasks such as full-depth taxiway pavement replacement, upgrades to lights and signage, and pavement marking installations.

  • Date: June 4, 2018 – September 6, 2018
  • Location: Cincinnati Municipal Airport on Runway 3R-21L
  • Developers:  Valley Asphalt
  • Project Type: Pavement Rehabilitation

About this Project

Million Dollars

tons of asphalt

square yards of 12" concrete pavement

In order to achieve the specified elevations and pavement thicknesses, a special paving control system 3-D milled the runway. The milling reached a precision of a hundredth of an inch. After asphalt was placed, a survey crew verified the accuracy by checking grades every 50 feet. Lastly, John R. Jurgensen used two lifts to minimize the number of longitudinal joints in the pavement.

In addition to rehabilitating Runway 3R-21L, an adjoining taxiway, “Taxiway A” had to be removed and replaced. In an effort to reduce runway closure time, John R. Jurgensen redesigned the taxiway via asphalt pavement build-up. They completed the taxiway work three days sooner than expected using a concrete pavement design.

Workers performed a profilograph test at the end of each paving shift, but the project exceeded all elevation, density, and smoothness requirements once finished. In the end, the taxiway work did not need any corrective action.

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