The National Asphalt Pavement Association’s Awards Program recognizes those in the asphalt paving industry who achieve excellence. NAPA awards are meaningful for the winners because they are bestowed by peers, but publicity reaches far beyond the NAPA membership. Winners are highlighted in industry publications throughout the country and recognized for the quality work they are doing.

Each year, NAPA (National Asphalt Pavement Association) selects Quality in Construction Award winners. These awards recognize high-quality asphalt paving projects. Quantifiable data in four categories – gradation, AC content, air voids, and density – is rated by independent engineers. All projects that meet benchmark scores are awarded with a Quality in Construction Award. The top 10 under 50,000-ton projects earn a Larry H. Lemon, and the top-rated airport pavement project earns the Ray Brown Award. After the projects undergo additional testing, the Sheldon G. Hayes Award is selected from over 50,000-tons projects.

Quality in Construction Awards are open to NAPA members and potential members so that the very best projects are honored annually and the industry can promote asphalt pavements.



Projects using less than 50,000 tons of asphalt

Projects using more than 50,000 tons of asphalt

Airport pavement projects

John R. Jurgensen, located in Cincinnati, OH, offers a full line of services in the transportation, construction and paving industries and prides itself in delivering smooth, long lasting quality asphalt pavement. You can find out more about JRJ’s services here. For 2020, NAPA recognized John R. Jurgensen’s commitment to building high-quality, smooth, durable pavements for the driving public by granting Quality In Construction Awards for the following projects:




A picture of an icon in the shape of an interstate or highway beside the words John R Jurgensen Company used as a logo for the heavy highway construction company in Cincinnati, OH. 



57352 – Union Centre Blvd BUT-75-0177


a photo used to describe a diverging diamond interchange, an innovative design used by the John R. Jurgensen Company in Cincinnati, OH on the Union Centre project in 2020. 


57353 – INDOT RS-40445-B I-74


A photo that shows recent heavy highway road construction updates performed on Interstate 74 (I74) in Indiana by the John R. Jurgensen Company. 


57354 – ODOT 0041-18 IR-275


Photo showing recent quality asphalt repair by the John R. Jurgensen Company to Interstate 275 (I275) in Cincinnati Hamilton County, Ohio. 


57414 – ODOT 0417-19 SR-41


A photo showing recent quality asphalt repair project performed by the John R. Jurgensen Company on State Route 41 (SR41) in Cincinnati Hamilton County Ohio in 2020.