Our Equipment


Owning our machinery benefits both our customers and our business. We don’t have to waste time renting out supplies. Because of this, we provide our customers with more uptime and less costly markups. We supply project owners with the right tools to get jobs done properly and efficiently. Unlike our competitors, we can start on a project immediately because we have the in-house capabilities to maintain, repair, and customize our construction material. We also have our own shop. Our technicians are sent to manufactures school to get trained on the newest developments. This aspect certifies our machinery to be high-calibre. All of these factors allow us to remain on the cutting edge of the industry. It makes sense.

Above, you can see one of our top quality pavers beginning the process of laying down the asphalt on the highway. Our team is highly experienced and able to work thoroughly while maintaining the aspect of safety culture at our project sites.

Equipment Operations Careers

We use new technology and continuously improve existing construction machines. This positions us as the leader in construction machinery maintenance. Furthermore, some of our building material includes fleet coordination systems, GPS grade control, and OEM diagnostic tools. Through the use of technology, our team members can troubleshoot with ease. Our machines operations allow us to aid the customer greatly in the repair process. It makes sense.

If you are looking for a career in equipment operations, check out our job openings below:

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