We are committed to safety processes, health and the environment in all of our operations. 

Safety Culture

Safety culture is a constant journey within every division of our company. Our goal is to send everyone home safely, every night.


Above all, Jurgensen provides a safe and healthy workplace for our biggest asset; our team members.  We aim to reach a safety record with zero incidents. We promote safety culture through team member involvement, learning and development.

Every team member is considered a safety manager for our company. Team Members face challenges each day. They hold themselves and other team members liable for safety processes. Safety Culture extends into our team members personal lives as well. Daily aggregate safety & asphalt safety meetings are held. Team members also talk about safety topics pertaining to both work and personal lives. Certainly, the expectation is that tasks be completed safely. Wheather a team member is working on a site or repairing a roof at home, we focus on their safety.


Team members are encouraged to take part in aggregate safety and asphalt safety l&d sessions. They add to safety culture. In addition, they give feedback and even lead classes. Who better to help in the growth of team members than those doing the daily tasks? Moreover, this keeps engaging sessions and upbeat team members!


Safety is an ever-changing scene of rules, processes and designs. We challenge ourselves to improve safety culture in an effort to stay in front of these tasks. Team members are encouraged to participate in improvement sessions. These planned sessions help team members. They discover ways that help us continue to be safe.

Safety Comes First

Safety is our number one goal. The company is built with a solid foundation. We provide resources for technology and training to safely manage projects. Each year we achieve the highest level of safety recognition from our industry groups:

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Good Catch

A good catch is recognition of a situation that has the potential to cause an incident but does not due to a corrective action by an employee. Reporting these events enables companies to investigate each event. This way, everyone can learn from them and take action to prevent an occurrence.

What is an example of an Aggregate Good Catch?

Enon Sand & Gravel uses a collection of head protection given out to onsite customers for use. Recently, an employee discovered head protection beyond their expiration dates during inventory. She notified the Safety Department to replace the head protection.

This Good Catch may have prevented a serious head injury to someone. We greatly appreciate the positive contribution to Jurgensen Companies aggregate safety culture!

What is an example of an Asphalt Good Catch?

An employee was on a stroll and saw a wire rope choker had a couple of broken strands on it. Thus, they told the Safety Team and tagged the choker out of service. Futhermore, they ordered a replacement. We greatly appreciate the positive contribution to Jurgensen Companies asphalt safety culture!

What is an example of a Construction Good Catch?

Project plans called for short-term closures to be utilized for night time work. The task was to out a median wall on an interstate. Both crews and vehicle traffic were exposed though. Additionally, there was nothing to protect the N/S interstate lanes from vehicular traffic. The transportation cabinet allowed the use of a temporary barrier wall. A few days later, a vehicle lost control and struke the temporary barrier wall where crews were working. As a result, this good catch saved lives. We greatly appreciate the positive contribution to Jurgensen Companies construction safety culture!

What is an example of a Terminal Good Catch?

Recently, an employee noticed a small leak in the welded seam of one of the lines. Additionally, another small leak was found on top of the pipe upon further checks. Given the right conditions a serious loss could have happened. The line has since been removed from service. Our memebers continue to exercise due dilligence and perform check as required. We greatly appreciate the positive cotribution to Jurgensen Companies terminals safety culture!

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