We are committed to safety processes, health and the environment in all of our operations. 

Safety Culture

Safety culture is a constant journey within every division of the Jurgensen Companies. Our goal is to send everyone home safely, every night.


Jurgensen Companies is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our biggest asset; our team members.  We strive to achieve a safety record with zero incidents. We promote safety culture through team member involvement, learning and development and continuous improvement. 

Every team member is considered a safety manager for our Organization. Team Members are challenged each day to hold themselves and other team members accountable for safety processes and our safety record.  Safety Culture extends into our team members personal lives as well. Daily aggregate safety & asphalt safety meetings are held and team members discuss safety topics pertaining to both work and personal lives. The expectation is that tasks be completed safely whether a team member is working on a construction site, at a quarry or repairing a roof at home.


Team members are encouraged to participate in aggregate safety and asphalt safety l&d sessions. They contribute to safety culture by giving feedback or even leading classes. Who better to assist in the development of team members than those doing the daily tasks? This keeps engaging session and upbeat team members!


Safety is an ever-changing landscape of regulations, processes and designs. We challenge ourselves to continually improve safety culture in an effort to stay in front of these obligations. Team members are encouraged to participate in continuous improvement sessions.  These planned sessions help team members to discover methods that help us continue to be a safe.

Safety Comes First

Safety is the Jurgensen Companies’ number one goal. The company is built with a solid foundation providing needed resources for technology, training, and technical support to safely manage and build projects. Each year we achieve the highest level of safety recognition from our industry groups:

  • Ohio Contractor’s Safety Award
  • Flexible Pavements of Ohio Safety Award
  • National Asphalt Pavement Association Innovations in Safety Award
  • Plantmix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky Safety Award
  • Safety Excellence Award awarded through ILTA (International Liquid Terminals Association)

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Good Catch

A good catch is recognition of a condition or situation that has the potential to cause an incident but does not due to a corrective action and/or timely intervention by an employee. Reporting these events enables companies to investigate each occurrence so that everyone can learn from the events and take action to prevent an occurrence.

What is an example of an Aggregate Good Catch?

Enon Sand & Gravel uses a collection of head protection distributed to onsite customers for use whenever they are in the active mining or other areas of the site. Recently, an employee discovered they were all beyond their stamped expiration dates during inventory. She promptly notified the Safety Department and arrangements were made to begin replacing the head protection.

This Good Catch may have prevented a serious head injury to someone from an overhead hazard. We greatly appreciate the positive contribution to Jurgensen Companies aggregate safety culture!

What is an example of an Asphalt Good Catch?

An employee was on an afternoon stroll through the yard and noticed a wire rope choker had a couple of busted strands on it. This piece of rigging is used for moving the crusher conveyors and picking or suspending heavy loads. The employee promptly notified the Safety Team and tagged the choker out of service. The safety team ordered a replacement upon notification. We greatly appreciate the positive contribution to Jurgensen Companies asphalt safety culture!

What is an example of a Construction Good Catch?

Project plans called for temporary closures to be utilized for night time work when removing a median wall on an interstate project. Supervisors approached the state’s transportation cabinet over safety concerns that were exposing both crews and vehicle traffic while only utilizing temporary closures when performing this work. Once median sections were removed, nothing was left to protect the N/S interstate lanes from vehicular traffic and temporary shoulder or lane closures left work crews exposed as well. The transportation cabinet agreed and authorized the use of temporary barrier wall in lieu of temporary closures. A few days after the subcontractor began work, a vehicle lost control crossing 4 lanes and striking temporary barrier wall where crews were working. This good catch saved the lives of the employees working in this area and prevented further accidents from restricting the vehicle from continuing travel through the open median wall into the south bound lanes of interstate traffic. We greatly appreciate the positive contribution to Jurgensen Companies construction safety culture!

What is an example of a Terminal Good Catch?

A blow-back procedure is utilized for any remaining product that may be left in the lines upon completion of offloading barges at our terminals. Recently, an employee noticed a small leak in the welded seam of one of the lines during this procedure, . Another small leak was found on top of the pipe upon further inspection. Although these small holes resulted in very minor product loss, given the right conditions a serious loss could have resulted.

The line has since been removed from service. These lines are pressure tested each year to ensure they can withstand the processes to which they are exposed. Our team members did not take for granted that the hoses were safe to use and continued to exercise due diligence and perform daily inspections as required even though a pressure test was completed. We greatly appreciate the positive contribution to Jurgensen Companies terminals safety culture!

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