This past winter, we adapted our equipment preventative maintenance program. Doing so enabled us to increase the number of units repaired by JRJ technicians and decrease the number outsourced. Equipment Operations were able to control costs, increase productivity and accelerate technician cross training and growth.  We have shifted gears from winter preventative maintenance to supporting all construction and paving teams. This entails constant schedule adjustments, increasing the need for communication and flexibility on both field operations and equipment operations.

With the goal to improve the safety of our workers on interstate and night/day work, we will be increasing the number of “Crash Cushion” trucks within the fleet. Currently, JRJ has three crash cushion trucks equipped with attenuators and arrow boards. Equipment Operations will be outfitting three additional crash cushion trucks with these enhancements within the next 2-3 weeks.

For the last two weeks, the aggregate group has taken possession and put into service two John Deere 944K wheel loaders.  These wheel loaders are unique; as an electric drive wheel loader, it can instantly provide torque/power.

A traditional wheel loader’s engine runs hydraulics, while the transmission and torque converter drive the axles and final drives. This is less efficient than an electric drive system. On the other hand, the John Deere 944K wheel loaders’ engines run at a lower constant RPM, which reduces fuel consumption while powering the hydraulics and a generator at the same time. The hydraulics and generator power the electric motors located in the wheels, creating a much more efficient system.