One Family. Multiple Generations.

From the small general contractor of the 1930’s, to the multifaceted corporation of today, the Jurgensen Companies holds a standard in the general contracting business.

About the Jurgensen Companies

John R. Jurgensen founded the John R. Jurgensen Company in 1934. As a small general contractor in the 1930s, jobs such as small head walls, light site preparation, drainage and any other small contracting jobs were accepted. John’s wife, Helen, was instrumental in establishing and operating the company.

 As the years passed, the John R. Jurgensen Company grew and took on larger and more complex projects. The company established a name for reliability and a reputation for quality workmanship. By the time the interstate system existed, the John R. Jurgensen Company had the capability of performing huge dirt and rock excavation, underground utility installation, site preparation, retention, and flood control projects.

After John R. Jurgensen passed away in 1959, Helen and their oldest son, Jack, took the reins of the operation. The company continued to grow under their leadership. In 1965, Jim, Jack’s younger brother, joined the organization. Today’s dynamic team now includes the third generation of the Jurgensen family.

    Helen Jurgensen ca. 1953

    John R. Jurgensen ca. 1957, Jurgensen Family Farm, Clermont County, OH

    Left: Jim Jurgensen, ca. 1980, Ohio Contractor Publication

    Right: John “Jack” Jurgensen pictured as the Ohio Contractors Association’s New President, ca. February 1978, OCA Publication

    A New Generation, Same High Standard


    Today, the standard and reputation John R. Jurgensen established in the infrastructure industry decades ago are now maintained by his grandchildren.

    Jurgensen Companies is now a conglomerate of several associate companies that range from aggregate and asphalt to commercial construction and terminal upkeep.

    Standing (From Left): Paul Jurgensen and Jim King; Sitting (From Left): Jim Jurgensen, Roy Gurton, Dwight Stutz, Bill Lykins ca. 1980, Old Jurgensen Office, Newtown, OH

    Jason Jurgensen, Jackie Alf, and Jim II Jurgensen continue the Jurgensen legacy as Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President, and Chief Executive Officer respectively.

    Despite being a half-century old institution, we embrace innovation. In an ever-expanding era, Jurgensen Companies strives to be at the forefront of technological change. We believe that even a family-oriented company can move and adapt just as quickly as our newer competitors.

    Though the Jurgensen Companies can compete with the best, we want to make sure we do so with safety as a priority. Our initiatives such as the “Good Catch” program and the Safety Lab serve as an example of our dedication to protecting both our customers and our employees. 


    Only the Best


    Present-Day Work

    The Jurgensen Companies’ jobs now range from small commercial jobs and municipalities to state departments of transportation and governmental agencies.


    Integration and Innovation

    To serve our customers better over the years, we formed and acquired several associate companies that include truck fleets, asphalt plants, sand, gravel, limestone operations, and contractor supply items. We also established a quality control department in order to continually guarantee the quality of product and workmanship.


    More than Just An Employee

    Our team includes contracting business veterans of 45 years to young and talented engineers. We believe strongly in our personnel for continued growth and expansion. From the small general contractor of the 1930’s to the multifaceted corporation of today, the Jurgensen Companies, holds a standard in the general contracting business.

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