Lanes Mill Bridge

A design-build project with the Butler County Engineers, the Lanes Mill Bridge involves six concrete beams, one hundred and forty-three inches long and six feet tall— the largest John R. Jurgensen has set to date.

  • Date: February 2019
  • Lead Contractor:  John R. Jurgensen
  • Lead Designer: Office of Butler County Engineers
  • Project Type: Roadway Design-Build Project
  • Expected End Date: August 2019

About this Project

The Ohio Department of Transportation awarded Lanes Mill Bridge to Jurgensen Companies’ John R. Jurgensen in July of 2018. Led by the Butler County Engineer’s Office, design began immediately afterward. Construction began in February of 2019 and is currently ongoing.

The creek levels underneath the bridge is a significant challenge to John R. Jurgensen. During the construction process, the creek continues to flood the construction area. However, John R. Jurgensen reacts quickly to setbacks, and all areas flooded with water are rapidly drained as soon as the creek level drops.

As of July 2019, the deck pour phase is in process. Lanes Mill Bridge is set to finish in early August of 2019.

tons of asphalt

Cubic yards of earthwork fill

lbs of reinforcing rebar

What is a Design-Build Project?

A Design-Build Project is one of the fastest-growing methods used to deliver construction projects in America. It manages the designer and contractor of a project by having the two work as a single entity. Unlike a traditional project delivery, the owner of a project does not have to manage two separate contracts. All three entities can address any changes or problems to the project at the same time. As a result, this leads to a problem-solving and innovative culture while encouraging collaboration during the planning phase.

While this is the primary idea of a design-build project, the culture of collaboration is inherent in a project’s design and build. Additionally, Design-Build Projects prevent tensions forming between the contractor and the designer. John R. Jurgensen hopes to participate in more design-build projects in the future. 

To learn more about Design-Build projects, check out the Design-Build Institute of America’s website and why Design-Build Projects will be used much more in the next decade.

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