Merkel Road Reconstruction and Industrial Drive

Situated right through an industrial park, Merkel Road’s reconstruction and Industrial Drive are an example of Rohe Asphalt’s perseverance— no matter the obstacle. 

About this Project

Merkel Road is the main thoroughfare between State Road 46 and Lammer’s Pike where an Industrial Park is situated. The reconstruction of this project widens the road, and it allows for current and future traffic flow to move more easily. Completed in only just a year, the project is an example of Rohe Asphalt’s promise to provide customers their needs quickly without sacrificing quality.


Industrial Drive is a road off of Merkel Road. The road leads back to a commercial building that is currently set as the beginning for a new industrial/commercial development site. The road is built to withstand heavy traffic from trucks on a regular, daily basis. 

tons of asphalt

cubic yards of aggregate

square yards of full depth reclamation

Industrial Drive and Merkel Road were not without its obstacles. The two projects were challenging, as the areas nearby are flat. In addition, there is virtually no drainage closeby, resulting in utility delays. Rohe Asphalt was pushed into cold-weather months and adverse conditions.  Though Rohe Asphalt mainly deals with projects for the Indiana Department of Transportation, Rohe has the ability to handle larger municipal contracts such as Merkel Road and Industrial Drive. Despite the obstacles presented, Rohe Asphalt’s crews were “hands-on” with the project and finished the project on time. 

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