Northern Kentucky Aggregates

Located on the OH River, NKA is a prime source of Sand and Gravel for many industries in the Northern KY region.

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3743 Belleview Rd
Petersburg, KY 41080


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Northern Kentucky Aggregates sits on the banks of the Ohio River in Petersburg, Kentucky. Northern is a top producer of sand and gravel for the Northern Kentucky region. Like most of our facilities, the addition of modern equipment including a large clamshell dredge, has led to the availability of quality aggregates.

The Ohio River is a general boundary line between the ancient glaciers and their vast deposits of gravel and the warmer areas where ice had not invaded. These great ice sheets left Northern Kentucky Aggregates with a bountiful supply of sand and gravel for today’s customers.

Northern Kentucky Aggregates is a prime source of Sand and Gravel for many industries. Our products are extensively used in asphalt, ready mix, road base, residential and commercial products.