Our Commitments

We understand that Jurgensen Companies is more than just infrastructure. Our dedication to sustaining the construction industry in workforce development, economic accountability, and environmental advocacy stands as a testament to our promise of continuing John R. Jurgensen’s legacy as one of the most innovative companies in our industry.

More than just an infrastructure company. 

Quality Control

We are able to maintain rigorous control of our product by owning and operating our own asphalt plants.


We continuously strive to use energy-efficient materials/technologies and encourage the life cycle reuse of products.

Continuous Improvement

Through investing in our people, collaboration and innovation create products and services that meet and even exceed customers’ needs.

Quality Control

We test. Everything. 

The Jurgensen Companies have ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation), INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) and KYTC (Kentucky Transportation Cabinet) certified Quality Control Labs, located in close proximity to our asphalt plants. Technicians at these state-of-the-art labs are certified in HMA plant testing, Asphalt Roadway, Marshall Mix Design, Gyratory Mix Design, Earthwork and Base, and much more. We communicate the importance of quality control to all employees. Our experienced staff inspects and monitors the quality of mixes produced to ensure each customer receives the highest quality product available.

We set up a total quality control program to ensure all materials produced exceed consumers’ requirements and expectations. The testing and certification capabilities extend from our certified liquid asphalt binder lab, to our American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) accredited mix design labs and to our field testing capabilities.

The hot mix asphalt laboratories are continually changing to meet the needs of the paving industry in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. With more than 100 new mix designs completed each year through Valley Asphalt Corporation’s and Eaton Asphalt Paving’s main labs, continuing education, training and product research is a must. AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) round robin participation and certification allows Valley Asphalt Corporation to self-certify state mix designs for hot mix asphalt.


Recycled Concrete

For nearly two decades, Jurgensen Companies has continued its practice of crushing and re-using concrete. An indefinite stock of the most commonly used building material in the world drags down the cost of buying raw materials and transporting the waste to landfill sites.

Nearly 8 billion tons of concrete is globally consumed every year. The demand for construction aggregate in the next couple of years is predicted to increase exponentially. By accumulating concrete from demolished buildings and roadways, we reduce the need for gravel mining, water, coal, oil, and gas.

For Jurgensen Companies, recycling concrete is both an environmental and economic necessity. Re-purposing our concrete helps us reduce our environmental impact and to invest in our commitment to our customers now and into the future.

By the Numbers

thousand kilograms of CO2 Consumed

thousand tons recycled per year

million gallons of water conserved

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Program’s (CIP) Mission:

We utilize collaboration and innovation as a strategic competitive advantage.

With investment in our people, we adopt a learning continuous improvement culture.

This innovative culture produces products and services that meet and exceed customers’ needs.

Walls Brothers Asphalt


2015 and 2016 were busy and profitable years for our company but something was wrong.  We were completing jobs only to find all too often having a punch list of items to go back and fix.  Morale in our organization was low and we lost some long time members of our group.

We started meeting in the winter 2016-2017 with the company’s CIP manager and set out goals for the 2017 season. We came up with the slogan, “no 9905 (the account number for rework).

Our group bought in and we achieved our main goals.  We continue our CIP group and currently have our largest job to date to start on this spring. It contains nearly 40,000 tons of asphalt to pave on US 127 in Darke County.

Perry Walls
Walls Bros. Asphalt Co.


    One of the systems developed by the CIP is the “Results, Organized And Delivered” System. It is referred to as the ROAD System. This system focuses on implementing principles and practices of lean construction on our projects. Scheduled development sessions will invite project key personnel as well as important project team members who will implement the work. Superintendents, foremen, and project inspectors will also help strategize and create the schedule. Inclusion of the entire team into one room allows for the opportunity to identify and address potential conflicts early on. This will avoid unnecessary delays and developing efficiency opportunities.

    The ROAD System maintains its schedule as a living document that will be continuously monitored by each project team. Each week the project team, including owners and subcontractors, meet to help maintain the following week’s schedule. As a benefit of this, team members will see what each other are doing, which will help identify and solve potential conflicts.

    Maintenance of the project schedule is also accomplished through the ROAD System by using Look Ahead Planning. After reviewing the work plan weekly, the schedule is evaluated and updated making changes proactively. Successful implementation on previous projects has allowed our team to accurately predict weeks ahead what work will be occurring on a specific day. This collaborative approach utilizes over-the-shoulder planning and will continuously evaluate the project. Challenging constraints and resources enables the team to complete the project on schedule.

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