Harrison Ave.

The Jurgensen Company corrected a roadway hazard on State Route 52 caused by crumbling asphalt. Thanks to hard work from the field milling and paving foremen, this significant project was successfully completed.

  • Start Date: March 2020
  • Owner & Developer: Hamilton County
  • Lead Contractor: John R. Jurgensen
  • Project Type: Highway Repaving
  • End Date: June 2020

About this Project

The team worked to re-pave a section of State Route 52 from I-74 to Wesselman Rd. 

This project was difficult due to the nature of the crumbling concrete overlay. In order to re-pave, this layer needed to be removed without digging through the existing asphalt base. Once the initial overlay was removed, a new layer of concrete with hot mix asphalt was laid.

The team was able to work quickly and effectively remediate the roadway hazard with minimal delay to the public.


tons of asphalt

square yards of concrete overlay removed

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