What is time worth?


“It’s the only thing you can’t buy. I mean, I can buy anything I want, basically, but I can’t buy time,” -Warren Buffet 2017


During our Spring meeting, we talked about several systems initiatives we are implementing this year. Ultimately, all of them are aimed at saving time. These improvements will allow us to provide better, more timely service and information to our customers—in less time. How valuable are we if we can’t save our customers time?


Here are some updates on our progress:




We are updating our processes in the aggregate and asphalt businesses. We are starting with quote and order processing as well as following the transactions through the system all the way until payment is received from the customer. We will be updating software and changing methods to more efficiently and effectively handle the thousands of transactions and customer touch points. We began interviewing user groups this month and are on track to pilot test updates this fall. Thank you to all user groups united in this effort!


Stonemont Solutions 


This software will make capturing Quality Control data in the aggregate and asphalt businesses more easily accessible. This will benefit quality through increased accuracy and will make us more responsive to customers. The Quality department led by Dan Crago began installation and education this month.




We are using Fleetwatcher across both Jurgensen and Eaton trucking dispatch operations. Our software vendor has partnered with us to further develop this software for the complexities of trucking in our industry. We are seeing some gains in efficiency as a result of the increase in number of users in the field.  The development process will continue through the season.




Since March 21st, the IT department has received nearly 400 requests through the new ServiceNow portal. Enhancements are planned that will add more “push button” options for commonly requested items. Thank you to everyone for taking advantage of this efficient method.


Automated Tracking System


This will streamline our hiring process. Hiring managers will have mobile access to candidates and it will be simpler for people to apply for jobs. Once hired, the onboarding process will involve less paper and be faster and easier. Education and implementation began this month and will be completed in late fall.


IT Security 

Our training and education process is underway. To date, the online education has been completed by most of us and the phishing testing is ongoing. We will continue to work with individuals to be sure we are all prepared to work in the cyber environment.


It’s about time.


P.S. For a personal perspective on time, search on YouTube “The Time You Have (In JellyBeans).”


(Blake is the Chief Financial Officer for Jurgensen Companies.)